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About Gov EB

We are a network of independent advisors who are dedicated to helping Government employees to better understand their benefits choices and options throughout their careers.

This can be accomplished through group sessions and seminars usually sponsored by the government employees agency. However our most popular method is the personalized benefits review, which includes a free report that focuses on:

  • 1 Projecting the amount of your retirement annuity (Pension).
  • 2 Reviewing Social Security and FERS Suplement Benefits
  • 3 Examining your survivor benefits options.
  • 4 Maximizing your personal savings (TSP) for both growth and income.
  • 5 Understanding your life insurance (FEGLI) options and costs.

Nancy Baggott

Amazing! What I didn’t know about my benefits was humbling. Great advisor and planner! Great teacher. TSA

Richard Brooks

Very informative. Kevin took time to go over in detail in all areas of FEGLI, TSP, SSA, and Survivor Benefits. He discussed my retirement options which I needed. Excellent Meeting! TSA, Corona

Dr. Joseph Glasser

Organized, business like, answered all questions, and very knowledgable. Veterans Affairs, San Diego

Sue and Lyle

I had a lot of questions and concerns as the wife of a retiring Fed. Employee. Kevin answered my questions and relieved all my fears. He is very articulate. Department of Navy, Poulsbo, WA


Kevin’s presentation was extremely informative. Questions were answered thoroughly w/0 worry of not knowing what to expect. I would recommend this presentation to any retiree. Best presentation would be for the younger employees to better prepare for their retirements. USPS, Houston, TX

Roxi and Brad

Kevin, Brad & I appreciate so much the time and effort you put forth. You took quite a weight off his mind regarding the ups and downs of the market—so now he can be a happy retiree! Department of Navy, Bremerton, WA

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Federal Employee Feedback

We strive to provide a valuable professional experience in a relaxed and friendly manor. As a reality check we ask each federal employee we meet with to rate (on a scale of 1 to 5) how strongly they agree or disagree with the following statements:

  • Report was useful in helping me to understand my FEGLI, survivor benefits and TSP options.
  • Specialist was knowledgeable and professional in conducting the meeting.
  • I gained valuable information nada coaching that will enhance my benefits situation.
  • Overall, the meeting was time well spent.
  • I would recommend this specialist to other federal employees.

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